2024 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks - Mix C

2024 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks - Mix C

The third mix of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks includes eight vehicles.

  • The Mandalorian - Star Wars: The Mandalorian
  • 5 Alarm - 3/8 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live
  • Crush Delivery - 3/6 Beast Bashers
  • Meyers Manx - 2/6 Crash Legends
  • Night Shifter - 3/7 HWMT Back to Basics
  • Oscar Meyer Wienermobile - 2/5 Snack Pack
  • Race Ace - 5/7 HWMT Back to Basics
  • Rodger Dodger - 3/12 Freestyle Wreckers

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks is assortment FYJ44. It ships in 8-count cases.

Pictured above is a Monster Truck inspired by the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. It uses the Stormtrooper truck casting which is also used for the Imperial Shock Trooper, the first Monster Trucks Treasure Hunt of 2024.

The 5 Alarm is frequently mistaken for a Treasure Hunt due to the HW Fire Dept. emblem which has a circle & flame inside of it.

The Monster Trucks Treasure Hunt symbol is a circle & flame inside an off-road tire. Learn more at HWtreasure.