Hot Wheels 2024 Vintage Racing Club - Mix 2

Hot Wheels 2024 Vintage Racing Club - Mix 2

Be on the lookout for the second mix of Vintage Racing Club. The 5-car series highlights classic sports cars adorned with retro racing liveries.

Vintage Racing Club is a Silver series, a mid-tier line that features vehicles with added detail. This release is mix "B" in assortment HRT81 and ships in 10-count cases.

Even though there are 10 cars per case and 5 cars per set, a case does not include 2 complete sets. The breakdown is supposed to be:

  1. 1962 Corvette x 2
  2. Toyota 2000GT x 1
  3. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 x 1
  4. Custom Ford Maverick x 3
  5. Custom Datsun 240Z x 3

1962 Corvette

Toyota 2000GT

Ford Mustang Boss 302

Custom Ford Maverick

Custom Datsun 240Z

Pics from WestCoastToyMafia.