Hot Wheels Designer Autographs

Hot Wheels Designer Autographs

Matt Gabe, a lead package designer, and other Hot Wheels designers visited a manufacturing plant and created some very cool collectibles. The group autographed a variety of Hot Wheels blister cards as well as vehicle bodies and bases.

So in a few months, if you are on the hunt and come across a Hot Wheels car with a signature, you may have found a very unique vehicle for your collection.

Below are some of the 2023 Hot Wheels cars that were signed. But that doesn't mean there aren't others. Happy hunting!

  • '64 Chevy Chevelle SS - 1/8 Ultra Hots
  • '73 Honda Civic Custom - 8/10 HW J-Imports - New Casting
  • '67 Jeepster Commando - 5/12 Red Edition
  • 1988 Ford T-Bird - 5/10 Retro Racers
  • Toyota Tacoma - 4/10 HW Hot Trucks (?) - Short Card

Pics from hotwheelsdreamteam.