'65 Dodge Coronet - 2024 Hot Wheels Collector Edition

'65 Dodge Coronet - 2024 Hot Wheels Collector Edition

The '65 Dodge Coronet is the fourth Hot Wheels Collector Edition of 2024 and a mail-in exclusive for Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.

To get the car you need to purchase $20 of Hot Wheels from a Family Dollar or Dollar Tree store between July 5, 2024 and August 15, 2024.

Order Form & Mail-In

After making your Hot Wheels purchase from Family Dollar or Dollar Tree, complete the online order form.

Then mail in your receipt(s) along with the blister cards and/or the UPC codes from the multipacks on the receipts that total $20 to:

65 Dodge Coronet
P.O. Box 1229 
East Aurora, NY 14052 

A maximum of 10 cars can be ordered. There is a $7.00 shipping and processing charge for each vehicle.

Mail-in requests must be postmarked by August 20, 2024, and received by August 31, 2024. The completed mail-in order form must accompany your request.

Valid assortments for the promotion

  • L2593 - Mainlines on U.S. Blister Cards
  • C4982 - Mainlines on International Blister Cards
  • HGY16 - 5-Packs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to send in the whole blister card?

For mainline Hot Wheels, you need to send the whole cardboard blister card, but not the plastic bubble. For multipacks, you can cut out and mail the barcodes.

I don't open my Hot Wheels. What do I do?

For the promotion, you need to experience the fun of ripping open some Hot Wheels. But if you really don't want to there is an alternative.

Collectors who open their Hot Wheels often sell the leftover blister cards on eBay. Twenty mainline blister cards usually go for around $10 or less.

The assortment codes for mainlines have been the same for years. You can mail in your Hot Wheels mainline purchase receipt with almost any mainline blister cards.

Do premium Hot Wheels count for the promotion?

No. Only Hot Wheels mainline cars and multipacks.

Does my Hot Wheels purchase have to be on one receipt?

No. You can use as many receipts as needed as long as the Hot Wheels purchase is during the promotional period.