2024 Hot Wheels Poster 1

2024 Hot Wheels Poster 1

Hot Wheels posters are back for 2024. The first poster features cars organized into twelve different series.

If a series has a Treasure Hunt, the vehicle has been highlighted.

You can download the Hot Wheels poster at Mattel Creations.

I have also uploaded Poster 1 as a PDF and a JPG which you can view online or download.

Poster 1

https://hwjamey.com/poster/2024-hot-wheels-poster-1.pdf (2.85 MB)

https://hwjamey.com/poster/2024-hot-wheels-poster-1.jpg (3.51 MB)

There will be four Hot Wheels posters in total. Mattel only offers digital versions of the posters. No printed posters are available.

Scaled-Down Image - Use the link above for the full-size poster

Below is the poster broken up by series.