Hot Wheels 2023 Poster 4

Hot Wheels 2023 Poster 4

Poster 4 is the final Hot Wheels poster for 2023. It includes all the cars sorted by each of the 35 different series. Treasure Hunts are also highlighted.

You can download the Hot Wheels poster at Mattel Creations.

I have also uploaded Poster 1, Poster 3, and Poster 4 as PDFs and JPGs which you can view online or download.

Poster 4 (5.59 MB) (4.56 MB)

Poster 3 (2.37 MB) (3.58 MB)

Poster 2

Unfortunately, the download link for Poster 2 is still broken at Mattel Creations. Hopefully, the link for Poster 2 will be fixed soon.

Poster 1 (2.79 MB) (2.58 MB)

Below is Poster 4 broken up into sections.