Hot Wheels Assortment Codes

Hot Wheels Assortment Codes

Mattel releases a variety of different types of Hot Wheels diecast vehicles which are organized by assortments.

For example, Hot Wheels mainlines on U.S. blister cards are in assortment L2593, the Car Culture series is in assortment FPY86, and Monster Trucks are in assortment FYJ44.

The assortment code can be found on a vehicle's blister card or packaging. It can also be found on Hot Wheels cases. Check out How To Identify Hot Wheels Cases for more information.

Below is a list of popular Hot Wheels assortments.

Mainline Assortments

Mainlines are the primary line of Hot Wheels diecast vehicles produced by Mattel.

  • L2593 - U.S. Blister Card
  • C4982 - International Blister Card
  • 5785 - Short Blister Card

Blister Card Assortments

Box Assortments

Diorama box sets are premium releases displayed in a window box with a decorative background. Themed 6-packs are in a window box with a flip-up flap.


Hot Wheels multipacks usually have a window box.

  • 3-Pack - K5904
  • 5-Pack - 01806
  • 5-Pack - HGY16
  • 8-Pack - HPV78
  • 9-Pack - X6999
  • 20-Pack - H7045
  • 20-Pack (No Window) - DXY59
  • 50-Pack - CGN22
  • 60-Pack - HKT50

Other Hot Wheels

The list of assortment codes is not all-inclusive. Codes will be added and updated from time to time. Do you see an error or omission? Please let me know by emailing